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Map of Vietnam and Southeast Asia

Vietnamese Coffee

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    A delicate, low-acid, fruity and highly caffeinated specialty blend: this flavor profile is best developed using light to medium roasts. Traditionally, dark roasting methods have been used to cover up low-quality beans and will reduce flavor. Clear Mind is too good to hide - don't miss this!
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Brewing Instructions:

For best taste, beans should be ground as close to your anticipated brew time as possible. The finer the grind, the stronger your coffee will taste. Use one to two tablespoons to taste per six ounces of water. Preserve left over beans in a dry place, avoiding moisture and direct sunlight. Use within 12 months from the roast date.

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With reverence, a portion of sales from each bag goes back to the Root Temple, supporting the teaching of Mindfulness globally. Additionally, you’ll have the option to send a donation to the Rainforest Alliance and other organizations assisting area sustainable outcomes. Be present, and touch the world. More options will be added with additional countries. You may also increase support to the Pagoda or donate to the Rainforest Alliance below.

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Map of Sumatra and Southeast Asia

Sumatran Coffee

Map of Bali and Southeast Asia

Balinese Coffee

Map of Java and Southeast Asia

Javanese Coffee

Map of Thailand and Southeast Asia

Thai Coffee

Map of Cambodia and Southeast Asia

Cambodian Coffee

Map of Malaysia and Southeast Asia

Malaysian Coffee