Make this your time.

Monk meditating on mat

From Vietnam

Soft-launching Clear Mind Specialty Coffee

Clear Mind is the original MISEA coffee from the Lam Dong Province in Vietnam’s south central highlands. In your cup, here is opportunity for refreshment and contemplation of the present moment. Following Vietnamese Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh’s Mindfulness practice of Nourishment and Healing, we can learn about compassion and understanding for ourselves and others with every swallow. You are what you consume.

Master Thay has been quoted as saying “Whatever is inside the cup, is what will spill out” referencing that whatever is within you will also eventually come forth. Therefore, let us use our Western coffee breaks for taking in a moment of harmonization, peace and added clarity prior to action. Breathe. Sip. Relax.


Cup of coffee on a balcony in the morning

A direct trade partnership, MISEA works with small-scale farmers committed to using only sustainable methods of production. We hope you’ll appreciate this collective effort as our partnering growers have whittled down their harvest to 1/20th of their original collection sorting beans eight times to yield you some of the highest quality brew in the world while working towards organic certification. Some will say such stimulant activates the mind impeding transcendent states. However, we would suggest that in moderation this caffeinated kick can be used to aid one’s focus while the heat and aroma soothe our senses. Enjoy responsibly.

'At one' painted on a sign

Life is a journey, and as we all go forward I hope you’ll check back here often or even consider joining me. Every one of these cups is an immersion experience and can take your senses around the world. Let this passion be a reality rather than escape. There is much more to come…

In love and appreciation,

Mary ZumBrunnen,
Chief Food Explorer